About Us

Wallaceburg Lawn Care is a locally-owned business serving all areas of Chatham-Kent. We started 8 years ago serving 2 businesses, and have grown steadily ever since, which has enabled us to gain the experience necessary to maintain many properties (large and small), while still keeping quality as the number one priority.

All of our vehicles and equipment are commercial grade, and professionally serviced to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. Each crew member has been trained by following provincial and federal safe working practice guidelines, because we don’t compromise when it comes to safety, whether it’s in our shop, or at your business.

Wallaceburg Lawn Care is passionate about helping people have great looking grass, and we accomplish this goal by not compromising on quality. We do this by only recommending products and services that we have tested over the past 8 years, and that have been shown to work in the majority of cases.